Monday, April 25, 2005

Well, this was a challenge...

Okay, so here was the challenge:

Make a Serenity inspired recipe.
Now here is the catch, it can be no more than 1000 CHARICTERS (including spaces). So without further ado Now East meets West!

Sichuan style Tofu and Beef -- "Golden Yuan Bao and Mighty Beast"
2 lbs Beef (Pork, Chicken, Goat work) Cut into thin strips.
2 lbs Tofu (Extra Firm), cubed
Broccoli, 2 lbs, preferably the flourettes
Oyster Sauce, 1 8-oz bottle
Olive Oil, cp
Water, 4 tbsp
Salt pinch
Ginger (Fresh/powdered to taste)
Chili Peppers (Fresh/Dried to taste)
Heat the oil in a wok, till hot. Add tofu a little at a time, turning till golden brown, drain, set aside. Add beef strips and chili peppers to taste. Cook until beef is browned. Drain, set aside. Remove last of oil. Add water to hot wok. Add broccoli and quickly cook. When almost ready add ginger/salt, stir well. Add beef and tofu to broccoli. Add Oyster sauce and heat till bubbling. Serve with rice or by itself. Feeds 2-3, or Jane for one meal.
We make it here at home with the various "Mighty Beasts" and it never fails to please and totally satisfy. I recommend Jasmine rice. This is my own recipe so give it a try!

Trust me, it is /real/ good!

Till next time,
Be mindful and awake.


Blogger Karyl said...

So, when do I get to come over for dinner and try it? :P

*snickers* I have to wonder, had you written the recipe in chinese characters, would they have penalized you for cheating on the 1000 characters rule? (What? I just came back from Chinese class and I'm in a bizarre mood... but then, when am I not?)

12:57 PM  
Blogger Barbara Fisher said...

The Serenity trailer is up.

Oh. My. Fucking.



We just watched it twice in a row, back to back.

I feel like such an utter geek, but ohmigod!




How the hell am I supposed to wait until September?

10:43 AM  

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