Contributors to Light Source Development in the 20th Century

In this version of Contributors to Light Source Development in the 20th Century, a biographical sketch of Edward E. Hammer is presented. Hammer, about 1976, developed the compact helical fluorescent lamp, which today can be seen in most stores that sell lighting products for the home. This lamp was preceded as well as followed by other energy-saving lamp systems. The writeup is listed under the Section Fluorescent Lamps.

Incandescent Lamps
An Academy Award for an Incandescent Lamp
The Axially-Aligned Coiled-Coil Filament Lamp
The Tungsten-Halogen Lamp
Phosphorus Pentanitride (P3N5) Getter
The 2-Filament 3-Way Incandescent Lamp
The Science of Incandescence

Fluorescent Lamps
The GE Fluorescent Lamp Pioneers
The Fluorescent Lamp: Early U. S. Development
The Lamp Career of A. Eugene Lemmers
Edward E. Hammer - Inventor of the Compact Helical Fluorescent Lamp

Metal Halide Lamps
Gilbert H. Reiling and the Metal Halide Lamp

High-Pressure Sodium Arc Lamps
Robert L. Coble's Contribution to the High-Pressure Sodium Arc Lamp

John O. Aicher
John M. Anderson
Burnie L. Benbow
Willem Elenbaas
Gorton R. Fonda
Alfred Greiner
Mary V. Hoffman
George E. Inman
Carl Kenty
Willard A. Roberts
Milan R. Vukcevich
John F. Waymouth
Daniel K. Wright
William P. Zabel
Edward G. Zubler

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