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OK, all you budding writers out there, I know you're writing them, now show them to the world. Your fellow fans wanna read anything from story concepts to novels. Got a great idea for how to get Fran and Max together, or perhaps you'd like to see C.C. and Niles finally get "friendly"? We'll read almost anything you care to submit. It doesn't have to be a script, or even something that they would even really ever do on the show. Just keep 'em clean guys, this is a family show!

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New Additions

Last updated Jan. 20th, 2012
Authors: please see the bottom of this page for guidelines
for submitting your fiction or getting help from Beta readers!

Joy Comes In The Morning
by Searider Falcon

C.C. reflects on her new relationship with Niles.
(Jan 12; 15 KB)

Ho Freakin' Ho
by Searider Falcon

They've always been bitter together on the holidays. Written for EspoirDio's Niles/CC Advent Calendar.
(Jan 12; 65 KB)


Studio 54
by Mary Ann

Fran and Max return to 1978. Reposted in honor of Studio 54's reopening this week. Revisions.
(Oct 11; 93 KB)


A Legacy Of Love
by Dee

The family suffers a great loss and the love they share gets them through this tragedy and only serves to make them stronger.
(Oct 11; 31 KB)

Don't You Remember
by ALC

An alternative version of The Best Man where C.C. doesn't step in to save Max and Fran's relationship. Max/Fran.
(Oct 11; 67 KB)


by missfine257

(Oct 11; 14 KB)


Turning Things Back
by Melissa

(Sept 11; 139 KB)

Welcome to the Seventh Season of The Nanny! In this special section of the page, the show lives on, through our stories. Come enter the the world of the Sheffields once again!

The Stories







The Special Stories
Round Robins
Stories passed from one writer to the next till the tale is told.
Rocky Mountain Sigh
The whole family is off for a vacation in a Rocky Mountain cabin when the snow starts to really fly. (Nov 96)
Parts One through Nine (24 KB)
Parts Ten through Fifteen (17 KB)

Fire and Ice
Fran and CC are in charge of Max's Christmas party. Everything goes fine till Yetta puts a love potion in the soy sauce. (Dec 96)
Parts One through Four (14 KB)
Parts Five through Eight (41 KB)
A Simple Slip
Whoops! Max calls Fran Sara by mistake. Will she forgive him? (Oct 97)
Parts One, Two, Three and Four (21 KB)
Parts Five, Six, Seven and Eight (12 KB)
Parts Nine and Ten (13 KB)

Who's Kiddin' Who?
Fran and Niles each have dates, which sets Max and CC into high jealous gear. (Dec 00-June 01)
Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four , Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven, Part Twelve, Part Thirteen, Part Fourteen, Part Fifteen, Part Sixteen, Part Seventeen, Part Eighteen
The Visit
Fran has always told her Aunt Rose - a very wealthy woman from a different "Fine" generation that she was married. What will happen when Aunt Rose comes in for a visit? (July 04 -- and Aug 06)
Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten
When It Rains It Pours
Based on Fair Weather Fran. What if Fran actually GOT the weather girl job at the television station? Could her new independence and new boss mean the end of her relationship with Maxwell? (Jan-Feb 05)
Parts One and Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Parts Six and Seven, Parts Eight and Nine.

These are slices of life, small tidbits if you will, of larger stories. These are not unfinished, no more is really necessary--the good part is here. But all the details of before and after are left to your imagination......
"A Tidbit" by Elizabeth
(Aug 97; 5 KB)
"A Tidbit" by Heather
(Aug 97; 4 KB)
"A Third Tidbit"
(Aug 97; 4 KB)
"I've Been Losing You" by Sabine
(Oct 97; 5 KB)
"Dawn" by Sabine
(Jan 98; 5 KB)
"All My Life" by Brandy
(Apr 98; 4 KB)
"One Kiss"~~A Wedding Tidbit by Luisa
(May 98; 3 KB)
"Soccer" by Sabine
(June 98; 4 KB)
"I Want You To Know" by Luisa
(July 98; 4 KB)
"What Can I Do" by Jenny
(Aug 98; 6 KB)
"Opening Night Reflection" by
(Sept 01; 7 KB)

  Finish The Scene
Let's Play "Finish The Scene". Have a favorite scene you would have liked to continue or change around a little? Give it your best shot!!
  The continuation of "The Nose Knows"
  The continuation of "Love Is A Many Blundered Thing"
  The continuation of "Me and Mrs. Joan"
  Another continuation of "Me and Mrs. Joan"
  The continuation of "An Affair to Dismember"
  A continuation of "Mom's The Word" called United We Stand
  A continuation of "The In-Law Who Came Forever"
  A continuation of "Tattoo"
  A continuation of "Yummy Mummy"
  A continuation of "One False Mole And You're Dead"
  A continuation of "Sara's Parents"
  A continuation of "The Two Mrs. Sheffields"
  Another continuation of "One False Mole"

Alternative Ending
A continuation of "Fran's Gotta Have It"
  Another continuation of "An Affair To Dismember"
  Another continuation of "An Affair To Dismember"
  Another continuation of "An Affair To Dismember"
  A continuation of "Mom's the Word"
  A continuation of "The Engagement"
  A continuation of "The Baby Shower"

Favorite Alternative Ending
Another continuation of "The Baby Shower"
  A continuation of "Fran Get's Mugged"
  A continuation of "Cradle Robbers"
  A continuation of "Dummy Twins"
  Another continuation of "Dummy Twins"
  And yet another continuation of "Dummy Twins"
  And still one more continuation of "Dummy Twins"
  A continuation of "An Affair to Dismember"

Submit a story

Guidelines for Submitting Fan Fiction

I thought it might be helpful if I spelled out a few of the things I expect from fan fiction writers when they submit a story for the page. I get letters all the time asking how I prefer submissions, so I thought if I supplied a "Frequently Asked Questions" section, it might make it easier on all of us!

  1. Please finish your story! I don't like to (and won't from now on) post stories that are "Part One's". Readers will not remember your story when Part Two comes out anyway and will have to reread. If you have a story to tell, tell it all--then submit it. The only exception to this is what I call "loose story arcs". You can have a story that is complete and standing on it's own with no dangling story lines that is posted, then come back to those same characters and situations in a second story. Each story is it's own, though related. These stories are generally marked as Part X of a Series.

  2. Do not submit pornography. This is a family show and very young teens visit this site. I will no longer post stories that offend me. I will be the sole judge of what is offensive, but as a general rule, if I scan a story and see body parts named or specific acts described, it's going in the garbage. You will recieve a one word e-mail from me. "Rejected." I will not describe why or defend myself in any way. I'm sorry that I can't absolutely say that I will catch every story, some may slip by if I don't notice the offending bits, but obviously self policing by the authors didn't work and I will have to start policing.

  3. Please check your spelling and grammar! A few errors here and there are to be expected, but if your story is riddled with mistakes, it really detracts from the enjoyment of the story. Your English teacher was right--spelling DOES count in the real world. Be aware that I do NOT edit for spelling. Well, sometimes I correct glaring errors if I just can't stand looking at it. (especially in the title of the story!) But don't count on it. My attitude lately is that the way it is submitted is the way it's going up. We have several folks who have agreed to Beta Read for anyone who wishes to have a second set of eyes check their work before posting. This is always a good idea and I highly recommend it before sending you story to me. These folks are:

    Figgie (
    Kerry ( Fran/Max fics prefered!
    Kerry M (
    Nat (
    Ashley (
    Amy (

    It is recommended that the stories be sent as a word processing document to these folks. Changes are easier in that format!

  4. When you submit your story, please include in the file a title, author's name and e-mail address, and a short one line description for your story.

  5. The easiest way to physically submit the story is as an attachment to e-mail. If you have any italics or bolding in the story that you want included, then it must be an attachment. A Word .DOC is the best, but I can read some other types as well. Please, if you have Word 2000, do NOT convert it to HTML within that program and send it. Word 2000's HTML creator is a disaster and makes the files extremely difficult to work with. Please just leave it as a DOC and I will convert it.

  6. I usually get the fiction up the Sunday after receiving it. If you've sent in a story and it does not appear the following Sunday, drop me a line asking what the status is. I may not have received it.

Thanks guys!

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