Great Moments in Nanny History

Season Five

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5.17 Homie Work

written by: Jayne Hamil

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Fran and Max discuss Fran's role now that they are engaged.
Fran: I still wanna have a career. I don't wanna be one of those wives that just sits around having lunch with the girls or shopping or getting their hair done.
All right, maybe I'll try it for a couple of weeks.

Later, Fran comes into the office.
Fran: Maxwell, I have two very important things to talk to you about the wedding.
Max: I say we honeymoon in the Caribbean and we don't leave our suite for 36 hours.
Fran: Ohhh wow, I was thinking kishka or potato but your way is good too.

C.C. objects to the constant harping about the wedding.
C.C.: Nanny Fine, we have work to do. Now he may belong to you in every other room of this house, but in this room he is mine!

Fran and her mother go to the wedding co-ordinators to choose the menu. Fran talks to her mother about wanting to continue to work and contribute to the marriage.

When they arrive home, Sammy asks Fran if she can get his grandson a job on Broadway. He is a "brilliant wrapper" and Fran sees her opportunity to help Max find a star for his latest rap musical that has been aggravating him.

But Max doesn't quite trust Fran's judgement.
Max: Now darling, you shouldn't go worrying your pretty little head with all our business. No, you should be busy planning our wedding.
Fran: Are you patronizing me?
Max: No, no baby. No, of course not.

But since her guy Irwin rapped with Puff Daddy, Max is willing to take a chance.
Max: Besides, maybe Fran has exactly what we need.

C.C. is angry and upset that Fran is meddling in business things and Niles digs the hole a little deeper.
Niles: It's not as if she's in there with some brilliant casting idea. That won't break up your partnership. When Yoko married John Lennon, did that break up the Beatles?

But when Fran meets Irwin she is dismayed to discover he isn't a rapper, but a wrapper. The closest he got to Puff Daddy was to gift wrap his Christmas presents.

But Fran soothes him.
Max: He does rap, you're not patronizing me?
Fran: Noooo baby. No, I can look you straight in the eye and say Irwin is one professional rapper.
But the jig is up when C.C. comes in.
C.C.: Yes, a gift wrapper for 'Crate and Barrel.'

When Max stumbles upon them and catches a glimpse of Irwin, he is less than happy.
Max: Miss Fine!!!!!
Fran: You're calling me Miss Fine? That can't be a good thing.

Fran has no choice but to try to teach Irwin to rap.

They go into the office to close the deal and forget and slam the door on C.C.
C.C.: Well Niles, I guess I know where I stand. Outside the door. Well, at least it's over. The pain, the degradation, the shame.
I'm frightened, I don't want to be alone.

Niles: Well ya finally went crackers.
Niles calls her psychologist and gently leads C.C. away to The Place.

Max's investor is over at the house, is impressed with what he sees in the transformed Irwin and Fran has saved Max's professional butt.

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Georgia On My Mind
(Hoagy Carmichael and Stuart Gorrell)

Georgia, Georgia, the whole day through
Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind
Georgia, Georgia, a song of you
Comes sweet and clear as moonlight through the pines

Other arms reach out to me
Other eyes smile tenderly
Still in peaceful dreams I see
The road leads back to you
Georgia, Georgia, no peace I find
Just and old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind

Georgia, Georgia, no peace I find
Just and old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind
Just and old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind
On my mind...

"Georgia On My Mind"