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Many years ago, Laura of The Nanny Zone created a video featuring clips of The Nanny set to music. It was a big hit on the RUNHP. As the years went by, the equipment to do such videos has become more widespread and lots of fans have gotten into the act of making videos featuring our favorite show. I invite you to get creative and make your own! Submit them to me at (If the file size is over 10 MB's, I recommend using and I'll post them for everyone to enjoy! (Note: Due to server size limitations, I will only be able to host the videos for a few months. Fair warning! Save those videos you like!)

The Videos:

KaraFreak (
He Said, She Said (22.7 MB)

KaraFreak (
Kiss The Girl By Ashley Tisdale (20.9 MB)

KaraFreak (
Don't Wanna Be Torn (9.5 MB)

Anni (
Fool Again (10.3 MB)

Anni (
Should Be Dancing (20.4 MB)

Anni (
Too Much Heaven (29.9 MB)

She's Always A Woman To Me (11 MB)

Anni (
Fran and Max Uptown Girl (25 MB)

Anni (
Fran and Max If I Let You Go (15.9 MB)

Anni (
Fran and Max I Lay My Love on You (21.7 MB)


Want to make your desktop have a Nanny theme? Choose one of the many Nanny Wallpapers that have been made for the site over the years. Submit your own to me at

The Latest:

Jan (

Fun Stuff To Look For

Lots of episodes have stuff in them that maybe you didn't know about or notice the first time through. Everything from casting in-jokes, to names worked into scripts, to actors breaking into laughter over in a corner. With syndication, we all have a chance to see the old episodes and I thought it might be fun to list some of these "fun things to look for" in the episodes.

Season One
Season Two
Season Three
Season Four
Season Five
Season Six

Our Favorite Lines

How many of these do you remember?
Season One
Season Two
Season Three
Season Four
Season Five
Season Six

The Jukebox

All the songs in an easy to get to spot.
Nice to remember the episodes by the songs
we all associate with them.

The Songs the Show Has Used
The Songs the Page Has Used

The Picture Page

A selection of a few pictures I have put up over the years that were my favorites. I think they deserve a permanent home on the page.

Come With Me On My
Excellent New York Adventure

June 1997

Come With Us On Our
Excellent LA Adventure

March 1998

Come With Us To The
Taping Of The Finale

March 1999

Articles and Videos

Fran Drescher's home was featured in In Style Magazine dated August 1996.

This is an article Fran Drescher wrote for Harper's Bazaar Magazine in Sept 98

The Hollywood Reporter celebrated The Nanny's 100th Episode with a special section on May 21st, 1997 that had four articles about the show. Scattered through the magazine were also ads from each of the cast members and others associated with the show.
Enter Winning
Fran Drescher~~Question and Answer
In A Family Way

Charles Shaughnessy is featured in the Sept. 98 issue of Los Angeles Children Magazine.

Parade Magazine did a piece on Fran Drescher in Sept 98

The January 1999 issue of In Style Magazine did an article about Fran Drescher's Malibu house.

Australian Woman's Day did a nice piece on Fran called Solo In Paradise dated November 1, 1999.

On May 11th 2000, Fran Drescher participated in an online chat at One of our own has transcribed the chat and sent in for all of us that couldn't be there in person. There are a few questions that she missed in the middle of the chat--those have been approximated and are in italics. Thanks to Delph from all of us!

People Magazine (June 26, 2000) did an article about the cast of The Nanny as part of a "Where Are They Now" feature on several shows. Here is a reproduction of the article.
"A Quiet Hell"

Fran Drescher appeared as the cover story for the Premiere issue of Rosie O'Donnell's new magazine Rosie puplished in April of 2001. The story is a nice long question and answer piece covering Fran's recent bout with uterine cancer. I've reproduced the article for the folks who didn't have access to it.

The Broadway Theatre Archives is selling a video tape of a play that Daniel Davis did when he was 27. It's called "In Fashion" and Daniel is the lead. The musical is a farce about marital infidelity and features Daniel singing and dancing. For more information and to order, visit the The Broadway Theatre Archives site.

Here's a Real Audio of Daniel singing in the show. This is only a 20 second clip, but still is 164 KB. Thanks to Mamie for sending the picture and audio in!
Daniel Davis in In Fashion

Fran Drescher on Men Are From Mars

Fran Drescher on
Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

(April 2001)

Part One
2,021 KB 7:55 minutes long

Part Two
920 KB 3:36 minutes long

Part Three
1507 KB 5:54 minutes long
(aired a few weeks after the original interview)

Fran Drescher was featured in the May 2002 issue of more magazine.
Page 1, page 2 and page 3.

The National Enquirer published an article about Fran and her book Cancer Schmancer in March of 2002.

Rosie magazine did an article in May 2002 about Fran and her dogs.

You can read a transcript of Fran Drescher's Dateline NBC appearance from May 2002 on their website. They also have an excerpt from the book posted as well.

TV Guide did a mini interview with Charles Shaughnessy in May 2002. You can read it on the TV Guide website.

Fran Drescher was a guest of Lifetime for an internet chat in May of 2002. You can read a transcript at

Here's an old article (Aug 1990) from Soap Opera Weekly that the CS fans will enjoy. Get set for a blast from the past (really past -- from Days of Our Lives days!) called Thank Heaven For Little Girls.

Fran Drescher was interviewed in the June 2002 issue of Good Medicine magazine published in Australia. Daniela transcribed the article and sent it in for all of us to enjoy. Thanks Daniela--great job!
More Fran Drescher recent talk show interview videos:
Tony Danza (Sept 05 ~ 10.1 MB) Jimmy Kimmel (Sept 05 ~ 10.2 MB) Ellen (Sept 05 ~ 14.3 MB)
Entertainment Tonight "Whatever Happened to the Stars of the 90's" (Jan 06 ~ 9.53 MB) Tony Danza (Jan 06 ~ 8.21MB) Martha Stewart (May 06 ~ 19.5 MB)

Nikkiya sent in some photos of Fran in the play "Some Girl(s)." Be warned, this is slightly racy!

Fran appeared on the The Tony Danza Show show Wednesday May 25th, 2006. Once again, Gage has provided a video of the interview for us.

Also in May, Fran appeared on the The View. Here's a video of that appearance: Fran Drescher--The View (May 06)

To promote the official opening of the Cancer Schmancer website and movement, Fran did an article in the July 07 Ladies Home Journal. Scan of Page One and Page Two

Miscellaneous Franatical

Pat was inspired to make a WAV file out of C.C.'s "You've Got Mail" comment for anybody who would like to be greeted with that in their mail program.
Netscape mail users can simply tell the notification program (the little mail symbol in the bottom tray if you have it enabled) to use this file. (Right click on the symbol, go to Options, Choose "Play this Sound" and indicate the file.)
For AOL Windows folks, installation is pretty simple too, though you have to rename some files. (MAC's, as usual, I have no clue about. You are on your own, but the process is probably the same.) First, open "My Computer" or Windows Explorer (or File Manager for 3.1 users.) Locate your America Online folder and within that look for a file named "gotmail.wav". Rename that file to something else (like gotmail2.wav) so in case you don't like the new one, you can restore your old one. Then move the new CC file into the AOL folder and name it gotmail.wav. That should do it.

Anakin made a Real Audio of Niles' "Six Bucks an Hour" song for all of us to sing along with!

Mathew ( wrote out guitar tabbing for the Nanny Theme Song.
If any of you play guitar, here's your chance to rock on with Fran!

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