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1.4 The Nuschlep

The family orders take out for dinner, and Maggie is happy to see Eddie (the waiter she kissed in The Pilot) is the boy delivering the Chinese. She is especially thrilled when he asks her out on her very first date! Maxwell, of course, thinks that she is too young and insists Fran tag along on the date. Which is fine with Maggie, till Eddie seems to like Fran better..... Written by: Eve Ahlert and Dennis Drake. Eddie: Jimmy Marsden, Couple in Theater: Fritzi Burr and Aaron Heyman, The Chester: Chester Drescher.

Our responses (58) gave the episode a 7.7 overall, a 8.2 for the comedy, and a 5.8 for romance.
Some comments received were:

this episode was really funny! I definitley thought maxwell's reaction to maggies date was typical of any parent...it was also funny how Fran ended up being the chaperone....great episode...very funny! p.s..i love the song teenager in love! good song barb! ;)

This one was ok. I loved the you, you, you thing!!!

It was funny when Maggie, Eddie and Fran go to the theater and the woman sitting in the seat says to her husband "Move over for the Nuschlep". But otherwise, not great.

This episode is one of my all time favorites. From Fran's mysterious way of checking a fever, to take out, to the "third degree" a wonderful episode. I liked the "There is a god" thing and the official girlfriends code. Chester was "an engaging dog" and the dental floss thing at the end was cool. Incredible episode overall.

A classic Nanny I should say!... A shy Maggie, Fran as the "Nuschlep" a riot, anxious Max coming for news, and then angry at Fran... Boy, did I say I LOVED "The Nanny"?... ;o)

This episode is funny. I loved when all the family was gathered in the room between the kitchen and the dining room. I also liked this line Fran said: "19 rooms in this house and everybody ended in this one?!". Great ep!

It was ok. Wasn't here boyfriend on that show 2nd Noah?

Part of the attraction of the older shows, was the fun aspect of the characters. This show gives us a preview of Dad and his relationship with a girl on the verge of womanhood and how hard it is to let go. The comedy was well conceived. Although the show wasn't a "tops" as far as my favorite, it was well done. I loved the "ladle", Fran's cooking dinner, and the very real aspect of how everyone was anxious to hear how Fran would shoot down a guy for "the womanly code"!

I liked this ep. As were a lot of them from season 1, this was a classic ep. The story was sweet, the kids were featured (as they should always have been), and Fran did what she does best - she played the fish out of water. This wasn't the best ep of the season, but it was pretty good.

I love the scene in the movie theater. My favorite part is when the lights go out and Fran says "There is a god". I crack up every time I see it.

A TV Star is Born "CHESTER DRESCHER"...so CUTE,(an engagement dog?) this is such a great episode, funny and romantic.

It's a really great episode. I absoolutely love Eddie the kissing waiter, and think he deserved to be back in at least another episode. Max really started to be less uptight, and let his little girl grow up. I loved the scene in the cinema. Overall, 8.

I think that every episode of "The Nanny" is funny. They always make me laugh! Sometimes I get all happy about what happens between Fran and Mr. Sheffield on one episode, but then the next day it's like they don't have any romance between them. And it's like what about what happened yesterday?!

I loved this ep! Altho I felt kinda sorry for Maggie but hey its not Fran's fault that Eddie had a crush on her. I thought it was so cute to see Maggie and Eddie back together after...a few days...<g>

well, I live for Fran and Max as a parenting couple, so this was a good start to a good string of episodes focusing on the kids. Also starting to see the fiendish animosity between Niles and CC (or CC and anyone! :) ) develop. Loved the intro scene. "Now if you excuse me, I have some pies cooling on the windowsill." Fran as Donna Reed...LOL The ep could have been funnier but in retrospect it really moved things along in terms of character development. One annoying point: Fran letting Chester lick her lips. She does that too often throughout the series. ICK! Keep it private! :)

This was a typical Mother-daughter episode, as we have seen many in those six nanny years. The crush Eddie seemed to have on Fran was kind of cute, but the episode by itself wasn't that special. We were used to better on the show. To me it was just an ordinary episode, with not enough Niles jokes

Loved the couple in the theater. Fran taking care of dinner. "Gracie what do you feel like?" "I feel empty and alone" "Then we'll get the disfunctional family platter." Totally classic. The rest is so-so.

It was pretty funny.

This was such a great ep! I loved the old ladie talking to her husband about the nurchlep. Maggie trying to make conversation being herself only louder was wonderful! LOL!

Well, together with "The Pilot", these were the two episodes that I saw for the first time after seeing most of the first four seasons, so they are both very special episodes, because it was wacthing how The nanny started out when I was already a die hard fan of the show....Not one of the best from season 1, but quite funny, though..

Finally, my little hero is born. Chester, I love ya! This episode was soooooo funny. I watched at least five times. I really like it, and it was one of the best in the first season.

This is the first episode I thought was not as funny as the others, but I did think it was sweet toward the end when Fran is telling Maggie about the Official Girlfriends' Code. I did think it was funny at the end when Fran goes through the Butler's pantry to get Maggie, and everyone is already in there: "19 rooms in this house and you all end up in here?". Not a bad episode, but not as funny as the others so far.

Just the word Nuchslep is hilarious. Great ep.

A very good, all-around episode. Again, the kids were great: Grace feeling "Trapped," Maggie at the theater & Brighton "interviewing" her at the breakfast table - all LOL. I love the when Fran catches them all listening at the door and Max admitting that he had gotten some good advice from "some old broad." The first sign of real friendship between these two. :-)

Not as good as the previous three but still contains some classic lines. Another 'Yiddish' word to add to our growing vocabulary (chatchkas, nosh, etc). This episode was basically Maggie's (as last weeks was Brighton's). The growing relationship between her and Fran was what it was all about. And, like others have said, the whole family in the butler's pantry was one of the funniest scenes. (PS - I agree about the Chester licking Fran's lips things, too - YUK!)

This was a great episode! I loved how Fran was ready to 'dump' Eddie until he 'dumps' her! I think this was a very cute episode. I think Maxwell grew alittle in this one too.

I thought this was a very good episode, not great but good. Fran had some very funny moments such as checking to see if Niles had fever and ordering Chinese. I loved the line when Fran tells Grace that maybe she should order the dis-functional family meal.

well i dn't think Maxwell shoud have made fran go with maggie i mean like if i went on a date i would have wanted privacy!!

i love the scene with fran and maggie talking about the OGC, it was the begining of seeing the serious relationship that fran had with the kids especially maggie, that she was really important there for them despite the jokes otherwise. also the nuchshlep was funny.

This episode was very well done. It's nice to see the kids featured, because they kind of wrote them almost out of the older episodes. Eddie the kissing waiter was great, and that "Ms.Fine you're old enough to be my" "Watch it!" "Sister" was funny. From the "Third degree" to "What are we going to tell dad!" classic Brighton line. The fever thing with Niles was also pretty cool. Chester making his first appearance. To all of them ending up in the butler pantry.[What happened to the butler pantry?] The official girlfriends code thing was sweet, and it did show the relationship between Fran and Maggie develop as friends. Everybody was great and the dental floss thing was unusual but cool. Great episode overall.

I loved this one. I remember when it was first on, that scene where Fran took Niles' temperature made me kind of wish that she would take up with the butler instead of Max! (I'm still a bigger fan of the butler's!)

1.5 Here Comes The Brood

C.C. is getting a little jealous of how attached the children seem to be growing to their new nanny, so to prove that she can be maternal too, she takes them to the zoo. But the trip doesn't go well, and when they return to the house, Grace runs away---to Fran. Written by: Diane Wilk. Uncle Myron: Allen Bloomfield, Singing Cousin: Blake McIver Ewing, Woman at Reception: Lila Garrett.

So far, our responses (46) gave the episode a 8.4 overall, a 8.4 for the comedy, and a 6.5 for romance.
Some comments received were:

What can I say ? It's a real classic. Just like "Smoke gets in your lies" was about Brighton,and "The Nuchschlep" was about Maggie, this one was about Gracie.I love how they did that at the beginning making all these cute bonding episodes.loved the "I ran away, I took a banana" scene.And also Niles and C.C. Especially C.C. had some funny scenes in this ep.also"And i mean that in the nicest possible way" was ROTFLOL.A great ep altogether !

Mmmmm,this episode wasn't really that good. But I loved the end, with that boy annoying CC by doing his act. Further I don't have to say anything about this ep.

Id idn't like this episode very much. However, I do think Grace was very cute. And it had some nice CC put downs. And the kid on the end..... Well you know, LOL

This is one of my favorite openings of all time! ("Did she just spit on a kleenex and touch his face?"). No matter how hard she tries, C.C. may as well face it, she will never be Fran! It really comes across how much she (Fran)loves her kids AND that she will protect them at any cost. There were so many GREAT lines, too many to mention, but one that hails head and shoulders above the rest: {by Brighton} "...By the way, I also threw up in your purse!"

I loved this episode.

Oh, this ep is just great!!! I absolutely loved when Fran said that if C.C. did anything to one of her kids again, they'd be wipping her blue blood of the walls. LOL!!! Gracie also asking what the little boy was gonna think of her and the boy tapping and singing was so great! Boy, is that kid is talented or what!?!?!

THIS WAS AN HISTERICAL EPISODE at its best points, some were not so histerical. I loved when Maxwell went into the womens bathroom and tehn came right back out and Fran went in and the women came out and hit him. It was so cute with Grace dancing on Maxwell's shoes. Sylvia was great in this episode!! I loved the bit with Sylvia, Fran, and Morty's hair!!

I really enjoyed this episode!! We started to see the true side of CC coming through..and her starting to impress maxwell!! CLassic Nanny!! I really like the ending when Fran insulted CC! =) loved this ep!

I think this is a very cute episode. I loved the part when Fran tells Grace that she loves them for free. Loved also when Max dances with Grace. Fran´s dress is a little weird =0}. Good ep!

Sometimes I think of this as a "Cute episode". It had its moments. Niles/CC were as always, great. THe kids were featured. Loved Fran telling off CC ("...but if you ever hurt one of my kids again, they'll be wiping your blue blood off the walls.") But not a great episode. It had its moments, but jsut not great.

Definately an all time favorite ep. CC's twitch, Niles "oh, and vomit is so hard to get out of pith." But Gracie stoled the show. "I don't want to go to the zoo, I had nightmares about claws and fangs and growling" B "she's talking about CC".... "I ran away, I took a limo" "honey, yer running the wrong way". I don't know which part is my favorite, Fran explaining to Gracie that she loves her... or CC trying to smother Grace before she can rat on her. (Madeline's arms and legs flailing .... I cry every time because I'm laughing sooo hard). Definate 10.

This is definitely one of my top 10 favorites. After this program, I don't know why they didn't use Lauren more. Her scenes with the kids and then with Niles were priceless - and she looked exceptionally gorgeous to boot. The interaction between Gracie and Fran was wonderful. And Sylvia's description of her '3 foot 2 and not a Jew?' just cracked me up. I could watch this one over and over.

This is one of our favorite episodes at our house. We love the ones where Fran isn't made to look foolish.

I really liked this episode, but then I love Grace! I made a mistake in my comments last week (The Donna Reed reference is from this ep, not The Nuchslep, whoops!). Anyhow, I LOVED the interaction between CC and the kids, and her outfit, ROTFL, "Who listens to a 10 year old?" and the scene at Sylvia's! So sweet at the end between Fran and Grace, Max and Grace, and Max's gratitude to Fran. <swoon>

I always enjoyed this one for the "romance" in it. Even at this very early stage, Fran was already very much the mother figure, even to Max. That whole first scene just screams "family", which to me *IS* romance.

LMAO! I love this one!! One of my fav parts was with Fran and CC, "Look, your a lovely woman, and I wish you well. ::smile suddenly disappears:: but if ya ever hurt one of my kids again, they'll be wipin' your blue blood off the walls ::smile returns:: and I mean that in the NICEST possible way.." and the "look ma, she's standing on his feet, isnt that the cutest thing??" "Adorable.......go cut in" hehehehehe ::watches ep over and over::

What can I say? I loved this episode it was incredably funny. The best lines are "by the waqy I also threw up in your purse" and "beat it you untalented little troll". lol

Another well-rounded episode. Lots of LOLs and yet several really meaningful moments, too. I love when Max & Fran almost embrace at the door, when Gracie shows up at Fran's mother's & all her mother asks her is if she wants a Scooter Pie, & when Fran tells C.C., "If you ever hurt one of my kids again, they'll be wipin' your blue blood offa the walls!"

I loved this one!! The whole Brighton throwing up in C.C.'s hat & purse was great!! But the best line in this one had to have been when Fran said, "She's not a goose, we're not making pate."!!! I laughed soooo hard!! A classic!!

This is a fun episode. I love when it is found out that B threw up in CC's hat. When Gracie ends up at Sylvia's house with the limo. I like the way Fran confronts CC and lets her have it. That showed how much the kids already meant to Fran. The singing kid was great, I loved it when CC screamed at him, showing how much she loved kids. What was the line "3 foot 2 not a Jew" loved that.

I really loved this episode. And I wonder how stupid CC can get. She was dressed like going to a safari. No wonder Niles always picked on her, cause it seemed like the zoo was where she belonged all along. The Niles/CC interaction was of course great as always. But my fav scene was at the end with Gracie being a cute little girl and Fran being the mother. I had tears in my eyes when I saw that scene. And Fran and Max acted like a family from early on. And nothing is more beautiful than the way they care about each other and the kids. Great job!!!!!!

Good ep, not great. nothing really made me laugh, but i think that c.c. was really funny in this show, as well as the singing kid

This was a favorite episode of mine. It had funny moments as well as touching moments. One moment that I really liked was when Fran told C.C. that if she messed with her kids again they would be wiping her blue blood off the walls. Overall a very good show.

It wasn't the best, but it wasn't bad either. At the end that kid annoying C.C. was hilarious.

This episode was not that funny, but it showed the way Fran had already taken over the house and how she got attached to the kids so soon. And the way she put things on CC´s face...just to let her know who was the boss...LOL! Had some funny moments...the "One eye is smaller" line was a cack!!!! Anyways, the show was growing, so the best was yet to come...

Pleasant episode - this one was Gracie's. Loved (not!) the bridesmaid dress! The great lines have pretty much all been covered by other comments. The tag was good - making CC watch the nephew sing and dance - "one more time!" Great punishment!

i thought this was great..you could see how the kids were getting attached to fran already..funny too..with the CC hat thing and brighton " i left a surprise in your bag too"...

This was one of the best episodes. When Niles said "I hear some females eat their young" I cracked up. I thought it was very touching the way Gracie ran to Fran. Who can forget the fiascos in Sylvia's house. "Ma, you look like a ham." I also enjoyed what Fran said to Gracie in the bathroom, and what Fran said to C.C. and her punishment. Great episode.

Fantastic Comedy of the 90's She's the Lucy of the 90's

God, I love it when CC is getting evil and she is on the righth track in this episode

This is one of my favorite episodes of all time. I just love the concept of C.C. trying to bond witht the kids and failing so miserably. It was funny and sweet at the same time.

Not my favorite, but it has some very funny moments.

It was funny when Brighton threw up in C.C's hat and when Gracie ran away, taking the limo and Fran says she ran away and took a banana.

The Nanny is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope they come out with new episodes again as soon as possible.

It just seemed wayyy to early for Fran to say anything about "my kids". CC was such a stereotype bitch there really wasn't any real competition between her and Fran.

This a very funny episode. I loved the relationship w/ Fran & Gracie.

I loved the first part of this episode. The first part with Max and Fran and all the funny stuff between C.C. and the kids.

1.6 The Butler, The Husband,
The Wife and Her Mother

Fran's Uncle Jack and Cousin Marsha from Florida are visiting Sylvia and driving her nuts with all the boasting about how wonderful Marsha is. In desperation, she parries that Fran has married a very wealthy Broadway producer and is living in the lap of luxury in her townhouse in Manhattan, waited on by her butler. Unfortunately, Jack and Marsha won't go home till they see all that for themselves. Fortunately, they arrive at the house while Mr. Sheffield is away, and Niles is willing to pretend to be Fran's husband Mr. Sheffield. Unfortunately, Niles is trying to gain entrance to the Butler's Association and the inspectors choose that moment to come and inspect him. Fortunately, Niles and Fran manage to con them too. Unfortunately, Maxwell chooses that moment to come home with the children. Fortunately, they convince him to pretend to be the butler, Niles. Well, you knew it couldn't go on like that forever, and eventually the whole convoluted story unravels. Written by: Howard Meyers. Cousin Marsha: Nancy Frangione, Uncle Jack: Zack Norman, The Butlers: Ian Abercrombe and Brian George, Kevin: Adam Hendershott.

Our responses (60) gave the episode a 8.6 overall, a 8.9 for the comedy, and a 6.3 for romance.
Some comments received were:

this was one of the top episodes of the first season, and of the whole series. there were so many great things about it, the scene with fran, max and his boots, fran line to niles explaining what was going on "you're mr sheffield, im your wife and we're deliriously happy" also fran on how could any parent want their kid to be someone they're not "mine!" it was great at the end how they all covered for each other. great episode overall, it had everything there.


I thought this episode was hilarious!!! i really loved how Fran and Niles pulled that whole charade of husband and wife...I think the funniest part was when Max was Niles the butler!!! definitley classic nanny!! =)

Great episode. Just loved it...all the confusion and everything was just great.LOL =0)

I thought this episode was ok. I loved the whole Butler switch thing!!

I thought that this one was real cute. Especially when the kids started asking 'Niles' to bring them snacks. Ben and Maddy were wonderful again. And one of my favorite Nanny photos is the scene where Fran has just explained to Niles that he's Max and they are happily married. They both look back at the people in the room and smile. It's a great shot. I just didn't like Max's character in this. It was a forshadowing of the stuffiness to come. He finally went along with what they were doing, but grudgingly. He didn't want to help either of them at first. Not good.

This isn't one of my favorite episodes, but it does have its moments--Max "I leave the house for 20 minutes and I come back to some bizarre parallel universe--I'm you, you're me and you're married to her!" and of course Maxwell's speech "as just the butler" about how Fran has changed their lives is a classic moment.

I love all the shows, especially ANY with Sylvia in them. I've never seen a lot of romantic aspect in any of the shows-they're too funny to be romantic. However, some of my romances have been pretty comical, so there may be a point to it all.

It was one of the best episode!

A good ep. I though the comedy aspects were good, and as this was before the romantic aspects were really created, it was a good overall episode.

One of the cleverest episodes the show has ever had. I especially loved Niles' resopnse to Sylvia
" I was drunk at the wedding "
Classic! this one is ten in my book

This was my favorite episode in the 1st season and in my opinion one of the best episode in the 1st season. It was incredibly funny and I think this episode showed a little of how Max felt for Fran when he agreed to pretend to be Niles and that speech he made at the end.

I find it hard to comment all these earlier episodes, because what it comes down to is that I love them all. This show wasn't one of the best. But it's important because it shows us what Fran's family is like, and what we can expect. I also loved the fact that despite the fact that Maxwell is the perfect man of the house, and he is supposed to be a boss, not a friend to his employees, Fran and Niles win him over, and he plays allong in their sceme. Fran is really softening him up already. We can also see that this doesn't happen often, because of the fun the children have of commanding their father around. LOL.

THis one was just great. I heard that this was Charels' fave, and there is good reason for that. Loved when Max played Niles and the kids reaction, "OF course we can, because he's Niles, the butler." And then when Max decided to speak out of turn about Fran, that was just the best line of the show (too bad I can't remember it). "Since her arrival the house has become more (something I can't remember), more chaotic, definitley loudly, but if I may say that while she and Mr. Sheffield may not always agree, I have not seen him or the family this happy in quite a while" (okay so I forgot the end of the line). This was definitely one of the best of the season.


Very funny ep!! Loved how Max decided to play along at the moment when they started putting Fran down.It really showed the dedication of the boss and the empoyees towards each other! the kids were very funny. Especially Brighton!

The reversal role between Max and Niles is played very well. The kids have a considerable part in the funny moments, and that shows how Nanny Fines' influence is already working on them (the "cow in green" thing about cousin Marsha, but I could be wrong, it has been 5 years since I saw s1)

THIS WAS A GREAT SHOW!!! I was confused though, why didn't Fran just say her husband was out with the kids and introduce Niles as the Butler. Wouldn't that have made it a little easier. I know the problem with making sence is that is is not as funny. But this was a good show.

I think this show showed the intimate relationships that already exit between the main characters: the friendship between Fran & Niles of course, but also the friendship Max & Niles share. Plus, Fran is already changing, and tired of having to lie about her (well... except for her age!;-D) to please her mother (huh... this sounds really negative, but it's not!)... I mean from a loud person from Queens, she's already turning into a more subtle person....

I thought it was a fabulous ep. Especially the part when Maggie says to Marsha "Who asked you anyway, you big green cow" and the way Fran responds to that is great, "Maggie...it's turquoise." Niles was very cute in his part of playing the perfect husband. :-)

Loved it! One of the funniest of the first season. I loved the inside joke about Charles' boots. Niles' reaction to finding out that he was Fran's "husband" is classic. Brighton's line about the the executive branch and the house not working together was hilarious! I also loved the kids' interaction with Max when he was playing the butler.

How could you not love those Yellow Boots! A laugh all the way through episode (but with quite a few changes from the original script!) Weren't Jack and Marsha played so well! You could feel their snobbery. And Max.... stiff, formal and cold to finally realising how important Fran and Niles had become in his life! He can criticise but let someone else!!! And all the classic lines already mentioned by others!

Very well written episode, the plot was great, as much as the acting part...It had its funny moments and funny lines, but the funniest part of The Nanny itself ended becoming Fran´s histerical and histrionic manners in the following seasons, but I should say this one was one of the Top 3 episodes of Season 1. It showed the way Max had already gotten attached to Fran following every crazy thing she created... Daniel´s performance on this ep was one of his best...ever...

Good One!!!! a little confuse Ha hA!! that's what make it funny :) i think is when max beging to fall for fran when the woman was insulting her he decided to help her ah!.Very good i love. GOOD ONE!!!!!! :) :) OAL :) :)

This is probably one of the best and funniest episodes of the first season. I must have seen that one like 10 times and I still ROTFL when I see it now. Niles being the macho was so funny. I loved the mouse scene and Niles as a hubby was very sweet. The scene between Fran and Max in the beginning is one I will remember all my life. I still LOL thinking about it: Why are you wearing those boots? Because it could rain... There is a chance I'd fall of this chair, but you don't see me wearing a seatbelt..... I LOVED IT. Of course CC had to come over and almost spoil it for everyone. And how stupid could those other butlers be????? I would have loved to see more confusing episodes like this one. It was great

I simply *love* this episode -- one of my favorites of all time, and possibly the funniest and most clever of the series, with all its little twist and turns. And a "classic" -- the first time we clearly see Max's growing weak spot for Fran (refusing to go along with the ruse until Marsha insults Fran & later, his speech) and the first of many times that the Sheffields will be drawn into the insanity of a Fine family feud. Everything just clicked in this one. Fran & Danny's interaction, in particular, was just great. The kids were hilarious ("He's *Niles*...*the butler*", "that's *master* Brighton...") and Fran & Niles' reactions to the mayhem going on around them was priceless (those expressions on their faces when Max enters through the front door). Too many great lines to repeat but one of my favorites is "Uh, these guys are from the butler's association and they wanna talk to me...and him -- Max.....about our butler -- Niles..... who isn't here. Oy,Ma, you got a rolaids?"

This was a hilarious episode. Especially Ben's lines and "You're Mr.Sheffield, I'm your wife, and we're deliriously happy". The speech Maxwell made at the end was quite touching, and this episode really showed how much of a close knit family they are. They stood up for each other. This is definitely one of my all time favorites, and also most of the cast's favorite too.

I just *love* this ep!! One of the funniest episodes of the first season (okay, okay so I'm a bit biased...I am a huge Niles fan and well, there was a lot of him in it...)

i love the Nanny

No episode ever bumped this one from my all-time Nanny Top Ten. It stands out from the other 100+ episodes as "the road not taken". As they experimented with different styles to find their niche in the first season, this episode was a witty and articulate comedy of manners; one could call it "Frasier for Families". It took place in a single afternoon, without frequent and outlandish wardrobe changes or excessive mugging and it was still ROTFL funny. I see something new every time I watch it.

This is one of my all time favorites of the first season. Each time I see it I realize more and more how beautifully written this episode was. It really used everyone in the cast so well, and really fleshed out each persons character. There are a few landmark episode that really standout in terms of building the profile of the characters on the show that I feel helped develope a fan following for the show. This was one of those, well for me anyway.

Anything I say now would be rehashing what's already been said! This has always been one of my very favorite episodes- not for any line in particular, but because of the blend, balance, and genuine caring already being established among the characters. I love the way Max turned away to go upstairs until he heard Cousin Marsha's insult to Fran, and then he was right there sticking up for her (told you I'd be rehashing!!).

Loved this episode. Ben's lines we're great as was Nicholle's and Maddy's. How can you forget those yellow rain boots? That line was a classic "Why are you wearing those boots?" "Because it could rain" "Well there's a chance I might fall off this chair, but you don't see me wearing a seatbelt!" Niles reaction to the fact that he's Fran's husband was priceless. "You're Mr.Sheffield,I'm your wife, and we're deliriously happy" And when Max and the kids got home and he finds out about Fran's charade. "What?!? I leave home for 20 minutes and I come home and we're living in some kind of bizzare parallel universe!" Maggie's line about Marsha being "A big fat green cow!" and Fran says "Turquoise honey" great lines in this episode. I loved it when the kids were ordering Max around, that was hilarious. This is one of my favorite episodes, and from various on line chat's apparantly Charlie's, Daniel's, and Ben's too.

Unforgettable episode! One of the best. Those yellow rain boots, and the lines were hilariously funny. I wish we could have seen them switch places more!Didn't Charlie go to the audition in those boots,and Fran described him in her book as "We were looking for a Cary Grant, and this guy comes in looking like Elmer Fudd" Great episode! Definitely a classic.

i thought this episode really brought them together as a family and close friends it showed us what was to come in future shows..it was really funny too...how maxwell stood up for niles so he would get into the butlers accociation..and i loved how brighton was "overusing his ability" with the butler thing and his father. good episode though

This was definately a funny ep, but not a favorite of mine. 'We can have whatever we want, he's Niles the butler.' A classic line for sure.

Good, good, good, GOOD. GOOD! Ok, calming down.... I really liked this episode, hilarious all the way around.

While not *quite* as funny as some of it's predicessors, this was still a good episode. Niles posing as Max, & Max as Niles, was LOL, as were the kids - Gracie, "I get to boss Daddy around." Maggie, "Who asked you, you big green cow?" And Brighton's/Ben's impression of George Bush! :-D And, for the very first time, we got to see Max really stand up for Fran in a pinch. A clear indication of their developing relationship.

1.7 Imaginary Friend

The repeated appearance of Grace's imaginary friend Imogene has been cause for concern, leading Fran to suggest less therapy and more fun might be beneficial. To that end, Fran, Grace and Imogene are all having fun baking cookies, until Fran accidentally eats Imogene. Despite valiant resuscitation efforts, Imogene expires. Everyone worries about Grace's reaction to her friend's death, except her therapist, who points out the real reason Imogene died. Written by: Pamela Eells and Sally Lapiduss. Dr Bort: Christine Rose, Receptionist (Lexine): Candy Trabucco, Patients: Morty and Sylvia Drescher, Devon Williams and John Glenn Bishop.

Our responses (55) gave the episode a 8.5 overall, a 8.6 for the comedy, and a 6.7 for romance.
Some comments received were:

I love the part where Fran eats Imogene and they try to revive her. Also when Max does cpr and Grace tells him that's not her mouth. But, the best part is where Fran gets the pot lids and trys to shock Imogene back to life. Definately a classic moment

This episode was hilarious from Brighton and "Submitted for your approval a girl who has a friend that isn't there here in the Gracie Zone." When Fran ate Imogene and they started breathing and Gracie said "That's not her mouth" and Max replied "Okay this is her mouth!" That was hilarious. Not to mention Fran rubbing those two lids together yelling "Clear!" ROTFL. The funeral thing was wierd, but nice, and when the therapist asked Gracie why she didn't need Imogene anymore and Gracie replied "Because I have Fran now." That was sweet. Great episode. One of my favorites.

Love this one. Starting with B's now infamous line 'A girl with a friend...who isn't there...an imaginary friend...here in....The Gracie zone.' Loved the scenes with Grace and Fran, 'If I told her once I told her a thousand times...don't sit on food.' Fran's paranoia at Dr. Bort's office. Max and Fran stuff really starting to show. Love the guy at Dr. Bort's office 'Get out while you still can' 'You want out?' 'Yes' 'Too Bad'.... Great Ep...

This was by far one of the funniest episodes of the season...I was laughing so hard I cried, especially the scene in the kitchen when they tried to bring Imogene back. Still ROTFLMAO

I liked this one. It was one of the first Nanny eps I ever saw so I remember it well. I loved the part where Max & Fran try to revive Imogene after the accident & later Max at the therapists office telling about how he did CPR to try and save her. LOL. It was a warm & sweet ep which demonstrated what a diference Fran made and how much she'd improved the quality of the Sheffield family's life.

Great ep! I think it is lovely when Grace says that she doesn´t need Imogene anymore, because Fran is with her, very cute. It is also a funny when Fran and Max are trying to revive Imogene. Fun and Cute I´ll say.

I thought this episode was really great! it really reminds us of our childhood and how we would have imaginary friends! Classic nanny as always!

God, I just love Gracie, she is weird indeed, but she definitly is the funniest Sheffield Offspring

I Love ITTTT it was sooooo cool. I never thought i'll like it so much. Very funny, LOL :)

This is by far one of my all time favorites. So funny & clever. When they try to revive Imogene that is Fran at her best. "A sheer enchantment".

This is one of my favorite episodes from the first season. Not only do the scenes of Maggie practicing the piano & Fran & Max trying to resuscitate Imogene continue to break me up (after countless viewing sessions), but that bit at the end when Grace decides that she doesn't need her imaginary friend anymore because now she has Fran, still brings on a serious case of the sniffles. :-)

I absolutely loved this one. This was my favorite Fran/Max story. (And I'm a Niles/CC fan!) Watching them work together to save Imogene and then work with and worry over Gracie was wonderful. I thought I would die laughing when they tried to restore Imogene's heart. And I loved the closure, with Fran digging for her boots and Niles helping. (And maybe burying the piano!) Just a terrific show all around. (And Barb - why aren't you playing 'Heart and Soul'?)[webmaster's note: Ohhh, that would have been a good one! I didn't think of it. Only, would your ears have bled after hearing it a million times in a row?? ;- )]

Specially the tryings for further living of the imaginary friend were very good. and the opportunity for getting a not speaking nanny made me laugh

Another ep I'm not to crazy about. I dunno, I don't like Fran to much in the first season but boy do I love her later on. Anyway, moving on... I have to say that when Grace says "Cauz now I've got Fran" my heart melts. Maddie, your a doll!!!

Next to "I Don't Remember Mama" this is my favorite in the "so touching" category. Max is loosening up, and totally focused on the child, he and Fran are a great parenting team, and Gracie makes real progress. Fran has already proved she is indispensible to the Sheffield household. What a pleasure to watch, laugh, and choke back a sob when Grace says, "'Cause now I have Fran!"

I love this episode!!! It is so funny!! I love the whole cookie thing!! Excellent Episode!!

One of the best from season 1, without a doubt. Maggie at the piano was a cack! And when Niles shuts the piano cover on her fingers "I think I used to much polish..." LOL!! Funny Funny Funny... Classic scene, when Fran turns to CC in the office and asks her if she felt something when Bambi´s mother got killed...That was the start of a "beautiful frindship". The rest was cute, Gracie´s improvement because of Fran, who wouldn´t love those two!! And weren´t those Morty and Sylvia Drescher at the waiting room on the shrink´s place? WOW! Their first appearence...but...who could forget their last....

i loved gracie in the first season. she added a whole aspect to the show. but later on her personality faded out. this ep is a great reminder of how adorable and funny she used to be. i love the couple in dr borts office, and gracies line at the end. there were some classic nanny moments in this one. very sweet

One word: "Clear!" LOL!! That and the boot funeral were classic moments. One of my all-time favorites.

This episode and Lamb Chop's on the Menu are my favorite episodes. It had fantastic comedy and I laughed so hard I cried. It was just classic Nanny!

I thought this episode was so sweet and touching! It really showed the special bond forming between Fran and the children(primerily Gracie in this)

A pure classic. I remember when I first saw this one. My friend has all the first run eps, so she said this was one fo her faves. We both loved the valient effort to resusitate Imogene. THe fact that Fran and Max were acting like such a married couple was the romance aspect. THe humor was great ("I remember when we use to talk to each other like that, but Dr. Bort gave us the tools to build our marriage." "We're not married." "GET OUT NOW"). Featured a kid (always a plus). THis was and still is a pure joy to watch.

I though this was one of the funniest episodes that I have ever seen.

Another fun and imaginative episode,7 is a good number, It is beautiful how by this episode the Whole cast was so very comfortable in there character's shoes, the personalities and relationships are strongly define at thos point, this is another great example of GREAT TV, here at the Nanny Zone.

This is one of the most 'psychological' episodes ever, and not only for Dr. Borg presence. The ER-like scene in the kitchen, the funeral, the scene with the couple in the waiting room at the doctor's show how great can be a TV comedy when you have the right writers, and a great cast, too.

This was a pretty good episode. The Fran and Grace scenes were very cute and in the end we discovered why Grace doesn't need Imogene anymore: She has Fran now. Well written

This was the first episode I remember seeing all the way through. We should also rate the cute factor on this one, because Gracie was absolutely adorable. Even this early in the series, we could see Fran and Max pulling together to solve a crisis (their getting stuck in a seat obviously made for a child was pretty funny). As many times as I've seen this episode, this was the first time I caught the "let the poor Soles rest in peace" (not Souls). Also, add my "awww" to the pile when Grace said "because now I have Fran!"

This is one of my favorite episodes: the scene with Max and Fran trying to revive Imogene and that great scene in the office. Fran to C.C. "Question: When they shot Babmi's mother, did you find that a sad moment?...at all?" C.C. "I'm sure she's mounted on a nice wall in a fine home somewhere." Fran "Uh huh...now I'm gonna talk to you." LOL great episode, one of the funniest!

Definetely a LOL all the way! I loved it so much when Fran tried to revive Imogene by taking the pot lids and screaming "CLEAR!" zzzt. That was sooo funny!!!!!!!! It was heartwarming when Grace goes "cause now I got Fran!" what a little doll maddie is

Absolutely fabulous episode! I love when Max tries to resuscitate Imogene. There was a definate chemistry happening between Fran & Max here. I also loved the funeral

I love this episode because this episode shows they become a real family. It has great comedy and also touching moments. A great combination

The first Nanny episode I ever saw, was "The Butler, The Husband, His Wife and Het Mother". I really liked it, so I was back in front of the TV the following week. Curious if this episode would be as funny as the previous one... Well, it was!
"Imaginary Friend" has such great moments. The first two-three scenes were kinda okay, but from the fourth one on, with Maxwell, C.C. and Fran in the office - oh boy, a riot. How Fran went from C.C.'s 'vinegar' behavior to lizards in just three lines; the Bambi scene,...
The kitchen scene that followed was even a dozen times better still! I absolutely loved Gracie's "I made a salesman cry" and the dancing teacup ("She just went to Disneyland!"). Like everyone else, I absolutely cracked up over Fran finding those lids, rubbing them together, the yelling "Clear!" Also, this scene has such a family-feel, it's just wonderful.
That atmosphere was carried onto the next scenes as well (you gotta love Maxwell sitting down next to Fran, taking the cuddly toy onto his lap). Since Imogene was an imaginary friend in the first place, why couldn't Grace think her back to life? "If only it was that simple."
Oh yes, Madeline was absolutely great in this ep. Did anyone notice how mature she suddenly looked in that black funeral dress? Ben did a great job too, though. "Unless she is already... passed on."
The resolution was just sweet, of course. And for once, Maxwell realized what was going on, while Fran was clueless! "Can someone buy me a vowel?" Nice to see that happen, for a change :-)
So, yes, the verdict was plain and simple. The second Nanny episode I ever saw was as good as the first one. "The Butler, The husband,..." made me look, "Imaginary Friend" made me look again and again.

I love to watch this particular episode. I think my favorite scene however is the kitchen scene where Fran and Max try to revive Imogen. I love when Fran smacks the napkin and says to Imogen "you okay honey"....LOL....and when she gets the pot lids to do CPR...that is a classic moment. I also like the part where Fran remembers "Goldie the goldfish" and Max says to her "Oh clever you should write".LOL. I thought the ending where Gracie says that she doesn't need Imogene anymore cuz she has Fran is really sweet and i love the part where Fran responds, "Oh i'm speechless" and Max says, "Its a miracle" "The Miracle is her being speechless...LOL.

This episode, like all of them so far, is what the show is really all about - how Fran, using her 'wit and wisdom' turns a rather dysfunctional family into one where they care for each other. This episode, like 'Here Comes the Brood' was a Grace episode. I agree totally with earlier posts about how effective the role of Grace is and how Maddie does an excellent job portraying a troubled but still normal young girl. The humor was excellent - from Brighton's sarcasm ('the Gracie Zone' to Niles' dry wit (may their soles rest in peace) to Maggie's horrible playing of 'Heart and Soul' (and how many horrible playings have many of us heard of that song in a lifetime!) The 'Bambi' lines with Fran and CC are ROTFL lines as is Max' line about Dr. Bort being a genius because Fran was speechless. (In hindsight, isn't it a shame that the show in later years seemed to 'lose' the idea that the 'nanny' and the kids was what is was really all about!)

This was not one of my favorites until I started to see it alot. I now consider "Imaginary Friend" one of my Favorites. I love it when Dr. Bort mentions how wonderful Gracie has been doing and how her wardrobe has improved. Fran looks at the frumpish way the DR. is dressed, the Dr. looks at herself with no self confidence and Fran reply's " we will talk later". The poignancy of this episode is priceless.

Pretty good, but could have been a little more interesting and have more romance between Fran and Maxwell.

i thought this was a really funny episode...it showed us how the chemistry between fran and max was beginning...it was also funny when fran was digging up her shoes!!!!

Very cute episode demonstrating the developing relationship Fran is having with the kids, especially Grace. You start to see some closeness between Fran and Max, as Fran shows she is more suited at solving the kids problems than some therapist. You start to see Fran and Max team up creatively as "parents" to the kids and she involves Max increasingly in all their lives. Using the pan tops to save imogene was a classic moment (Clear!). Some great lines by Brighton. Overall some warm family moments, like Fran and Max talking to Grace in her room and very enjoyable comedy.

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