To all the people who don’t understand this domain name is not for sale:

What part of this page ( do some people simply do not understand? I am continuously amazed at the complete lack of work some people put into researching whether a domain name is for sale or not.  It is truly sad that a so-called businessperson has so little ability to do less than 1 minute of research.  There is one line on that page that is so simple to understand “This domain is still in use by its owner for email and other support services. It is not for sale.” The latest excuse was that the page was read, but … Continue reading

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My host was scrambled for a few days…

Sorry about the website being down.  It was beyond my control.  My host suffered some trouble while upgrading their hosting services and a lot of stuff went crazy for a bit there. Chez David is back online.

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No spam on my facebook wall.

For the last few months, I haven’t had one post on my facebook wall from any spammy apps or sites that sucker my facebook friends.  The only posts on my wall are those I put on it myself.  It is a simple solution, although there is one major disadvantage in that my friends can no longer post directly to my wall.  My friends can still comment on my posts, just not generate ‘new’ wall posts on my wall of their own.  And until facebook allows me to moderate or approve posts to my own wall, this is how it’s going … Continue reading

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The right to own what you buy in this digital age.

The right of first sale. You bought a software package a few years back.  You came home & installed it on your computer.  Now you want to buy a different software package because it is more up to date.  You decided to go with a completely different software package simply because it has more bells & whistles than your original software package or maybe it’s just easier to use.  Chances are, you will be able to uninstall the original software package and remove it from your computer system completely.  BIG HOWEVER: you are not going to be able to re-sell … Continue reading

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Why are public libraries so important?

Public libraries serve many purposes.  In times of old, they served as the repositories of knowledge and wisdom.  Today, they serve as portals to the world’s knowledge through books, magazines, video, and the internet. More than ever, libraries are under financial attack.  Interestingly, when the people need them the most is when their budgets are placed on the cutting blocks and chopped down.  When people are out of work or face financial hardships, that is when they turn to their libraries.  Libraries supply everyone with a way to search for work through the internet.  Libraries give internet access to  those … Continue reading

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